The Ricky Ford Orchestra features some of the most promising musicians in Turkey today. The creative out put of the orchestra is firmly rooted in the tradition of jazz and contemporary improvisation. Its  repertoire features the music of several major composers and soloist of middle,late twentieth century and early twentyfirst century jazz music.
The RFO musicians are comprised of Faculty and Students of Istanbul Bilgi University. Ricky Ford tenor saxophone, Baris Ertürk tenor saxophone, Serhan Erkol baritone saxophone, Cagdas Oruç alto saxophone, Duru Tuna alto saxophone, Ahmet Türkmenoglu bass and Ediz Hafizoglu drums.
Hearing this orchestra brings back the nostalgia and enthusiasim of the best in jazz music, the expression and depth of this orchestra is parallel to many of the great reed sections of early and middle jazz ala Ellington  Mingus and Doller Brand, In fact the  majority of the RFO repertoire is inspired by many of the groups and musicians Ricky Ford has worked with throughout his career. All of the arrangements are by Ricky Ford offering a unique opportunity to hear a jazz master at work with young musicians, dedicated to the expression and creativity that the music offers to the public and performer..
The Performance
To hear the orchestra brings back the classical moods of jazz combined with the modern emprovisations. With the leading sound of  the Ricky Ford  the orchestra invites the audience to a musical journey that full of obsession, passion and Euphoria.. Every performance on the stage can be considered as unique . During the performance you can hear the saxophones talking , shouting and laughing. The performance is also the moments where you can find an extraordinary combination of  ‘Ney’ and ‘ Darbuka’ with Bass Baritone. And we have to sat that we are getting on the stage by Ladders but we cannot promise that we will use the same way to finish it…
Ricky Ford Orchestra has a strong musical background. All the Musicans are scolars in Bilgi University and with the technical skills all the members of the orchestra enlarges their knowledge with the academical researches and every day rehersals. And  we need to add that Ricky Ford has 11 albums that is already on music market, some of includes the Works of  Charles Mingus  and Duke Ellington. Also a documentary film called ’’Encore’’ can be found which shows the life and work of Ricky Ford. In the film a performance of Ricky Ford with Jurki Byard  Milt Hington Ben Riley and interviews with Mercen Ellington , Susan Mingus , Ranblake Fal and Robert Ford can be seen…
After more then 2 years of rehersing, the orchestra finally  started to blow in Nardis in 2004. After a series of performances group moved into a Paris for a short term to play some concerts to French People. And finally orchestra took stage on the one of the best known club in Istanbul ‘’Babylon’’


Gokhan Kali

 Ricky Ford Orchestra

Dünyaca ünlü saksofon sanatçisi Ricky Ford, Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi’ne bagli yetenekli müzisyenlerden olusturdugu orkestrasiyla jazz standartlari ve Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus ve kendi bestelerinden olusan repertuarini caz severlere özel olarak sunuyor. Ricky Ford-tenor saksofon, Baris Ertürk-tenor saksofon, Çagdas Oruç-alto saksofon, Duru Tuna-alto saksofon, Serhan Erkol – bariton, Duygu Tipigil-vokal, Ahmet Türkmenoglu – kontrbas, Ediz Hafizoglu-davul

 À 50 ans, Ricky Ford continue une carrière prestigieuse des Etats-Unis aux confins de l'Europe. Compositeur infatigable, il a la stature d'un Charles Mingus dont il fût d'ailleurs un de ses derniers saxophonistes. Pour ce concert exceptionnel, il nous revient de Turquie avec certains de ses élèves parmi les plus brillants de la Bilgi Istunbul University pour de nouvelles créations. Une Première !

Dr Gilbert Maurisson, Jazz-Passion

 Gokhan Kali